We strive on creating the freshest and most delicious pies in the Niagara Region! We have been producing quality sweet and savoury pies since 2011. All of our sweet and savoury fillings are cooked in small batches to ensure flavour and consistency. Each filling is nestled in our hand rolled vegetable shortening pastry and filled with quality ingredients. We produce all of our food with love and care, in our on site kitchen. We are continually adding to our menu to help you rediscover pies in a whole new way! 

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We make fresh, from scratch sweet pies each day. Our sweet pies contain everything real, from the fruit, milk and the real whipped cream that is heaped gloriously on top! We don't add excessive amounts of sugar so you can experience the full flavours of the pie. We have many flavours of 9" unbaked, frozen pies in the shop.

Our savoury pie flavours all start with a sauteed base of onions and garlic. Chunks of meat and/or vegetables are added to our homemade broth, and each filling is given a healthy dose of herbs and spices unique to each pies flavour. The filling is left to simmer and thicken, to blend all the flavours to the max. The fillings are enveloped inside of our hand rolled dough and flash frozen. We believe, to get you the best product, is for you to bake the savoury pies at home.

We support many local farmers

Seaway Gardens  •  Vinicki Farms  •  Cherry Lane  •  Blueberry Acres  •  Town & Country Farms  

  • Robins Nest Farms •  Enns Farms  •  Werner Farms  •  Overbeeke Farms